"Our mission is to promote and provide collaborative problem solving processes throughout Montgomery County."

Our vision is to foster peace by enabling people to experience conflict as an opportunity to learn and grow, and by empowering them to effectively manage their own conflicts.

About Us

In 1999, citizens of the down county area of Montgomery County became concerned about the growing number of neighborhood disputes that didn’t seem to belong in court. There was a lack of an appropriate, countywide venue for dealing with disputes within communities and between neighbors. That concern grew to include most of Montgomery County and resulted in the development of the…


Mediation Training

CRCMC’s volunteer training program is highly-regarded and represents a unique opportunity within Montgomery County to obtain hands on experience and skills in mediation. Our volunteer mediators work directly with people in disputes; easing tensions, establishing trust, and helping the participants find solutions. With ongoing mentoring and support, free professional training, and…



The Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County offers conflict resolution and prevention services to residents, businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations throughout the County, except for the City of Rockville whose residents may be served by the Rockville Community Mediation Center. Mediation, Facilitation, Community Conferences – Youth, Training…